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  • 1245

    The inspiring history surrounding Villa Tägermoos is closely linked to its location in the Swiss-German border region. In 1245, the Tägermoos was first mentioned in a document. This is a 1.55 km² area in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland between the outskirts of the German city of Constance and the Swiss municipality of Tägerwilen.


  • 1831

    Decision on a state treaty against the background of years of disputes about the course of the border. This gives the Tägermoos a special status politically, legally and administratively: although belonging to Switzerland, the area is a district of the German city of Constance.


  • 1865

    Switzerland strives to build its own customs house. In order to realize the building, the land of the city of Constance is forcibly expropriated by Switzerland. Subsequently, the customs house, today's Villa Tägermoos, is built on this land. 


  • 1865-1970

    The building is used as a customs house and administrative building of the Federal Customs Authority. At the same time, the authority's employees find a home in the rooms on the upper floor.


  • 1970-2017

    Only a few hundred meters away from the "Old Customs House", the authority moves into a contemporary customs house. From now on, the old building will function only as an administrative building for the Federal Customs Administration and as a place of residence for the employees of the customs authority.


  • 2017

    The building is acquired by the Tägerwil entrepreneur Christian H. Rosenberg and given a new lease of life. In cooperation with the Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments of the Canton of Thurgau, the "Old Customs House" is extensively renovated and expanded. At the same time, it is renamed "Villa Tägermoos".


  • 2019

    Since summer 2019, Villa Tägermoos has served as a vacation residence for short- and long-term guests as well as an office building for the special-interest publishing house "Medienbotschaft". A total of 8 serviced apartments with a size of approx. 30 sq.m await visitors.


  • 2021

    The Villa Tägermoos is now officially managed by the Trompeterschlössle Hotel & Résidence am Seerhein, which has also been retreaded.