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Hotel Trompeterschlössle: eventful history

The Trompeterschlössle is one of six properties in Tägermoos, an area between Konstanz in Germany and Tägerwilen in Switzerland. The hotel is located on Swiss soil, just a few meters from the former border fence. The house was built in 1904 by former Constance city councilor Conrad Kleiner and vegetable gardener Julius Lang. Both were residents of the Paradies district of Constance, which borders on Switzerland. However, the two did not obtain a building permit for the house, which was located on Swiss territory. For unexplained reasons, they sold the house only one year after completion to the Swiss landlord Anton Reiser. The latter chose the name Trompeterschlössle because of his passion for the opera "Der Trompeter von Säckingen" and opened a restaurant with a café and a colonial store.

Especially in the aftermath of World War I, the people of Constance flocked to the restaurant and got to know their Swiss neighbors better. Dancing was still forbidden in Baden, so Reiser organized dance evenings in the pub. At the same time, people bought weighed duty-free quantities of coffee, sugar, chocolate or cigarettes.

In April 1945, representatives of the 1st French Army and the Swiss Army met with representatives of the Constance city administration to agree on the surrender of the city of Constance without a fight. The people of Constance thus undermined a defense order and placed themselves in danger. Following this war, up to 500 people came to the colonial store daily to buy goods.

After the death of Reiser, the Stucki family took over the inn from 1956 to 1977, before the Waibel family followed and was in turn succeeded by the Wild family. Under Walter Wild, the house returned to its former glory days in the 1980s. Wild was not only a chef, but had also spent years at sea, studying the culinary arts of other countries in the ports of this world. The hotel and restaurant received many awards under his regiment and was very popular.

In 2017, the hotel was acquired by the family around the Thurgau publisher Christian H. Rosenberg. At the moment, the hotel is being extensively renovated in cooperation with the Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments of the Canton of Thurgau. Soon, 23 hotel rooms and suites in Scottish country house style as well as a restaurant and a whisky bar will be waiting for the visitors.



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